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Obligatory “I’m not dead, just not inspired!” post.

I love that my friends occasionally text me things like, “Oh god I just jumped in on a discussion of fake-mulder sex at the end of small potatoes”. That really makes me so happy.

I also wanted to say that I know I owe some starters and replies, and I’ve been really bad about it, but mostly because I started NaNoWriMo, and I’ve actually been really good about being consistent with it, so I’m sorry if it takes me a while to get around to the stuff I owe (which i don’t think is a lot).


Do you ever start RPing with someone and they’re just so damn good at their character and you’re, like, a drunk llama pounding the keyboard and you have to physically restrain yourself from apologizing after every reply but you’re trying to play it cool like maybe they won’t notice how bad you are and


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Ayyy I fucked up

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After the Storm | sistersp00ky



Scully was about to answer when Amy ran out in front of her. She didn’t catch what Amy had picked up, but by the time Scully had caught up to her, she caught the tail end of what Amy had said before she took off again.

"Hey, wait! Scully called, jogging after her. She was too tired to run, too tired to even be searching properly, but if Amy’s friend was injured, she would never forgive herself for giving up if he died when Scully could have done something.

In all honesty Amy had absolutely no idea where she was going. Just because his sonic screwdriver had fallen out of his pocket, or maybe his hand didn’t mean he had gone the way Amy was currently going. It certainly didn’t help that the further away she got from Dana, the harder it was becoming to see as it got darker. If her mind hadn’t been so clouded she probably would’ve tried to figure out how to get the torch to work on the sonic screwdriver.

Slowing to a stop only when her chest began to hurt and her head started to pound again, Amy squinted into the darkness. There was still no sign he had gone off in this direction, much to her dismay. Amy knew there was a slim chance of finding him right now. Not when it was pitch black and her mind was not in the right place at the moment. “Did you find anything?” Amy asked Dana, trying not to feel defeated.


Scully was not far behind, and came up just as Amy spoke. She had her hands on her knees as she bent over to catch her breath. She was far too tired to be running so late.

"N-no, I didn’t find anything." She said, between her huffing and puffing. She wanted to add that she didn’t think they would, but negativity was not what they needed now. "You don’t think we should check the wreckage again? He could be looking for you too."

That was a possibility that for some reason never crossed her mind until this moment; that as they were looking for her friend, he could have been just as well looking for her as well.

"We should hurry though, it’s only a matter of time the police will come to survey the scene. I’m sure I’m not the only one to see what had happened…. whatever it was that transpired." 

Miles to Go || Scully & Aria.



She wanted to believe Aria. The easiest, nonsensical explanation, that she was a ghost, or an apparition was what Scully believed to be a euphemistic alternative to the darker, and more grim possibility: that her friend had been kidnapped and killed. She was not a psychologist, but her rudimentary lessons on how the human psyche worked reasons that people make these things up as a need to cope with the harsher realities of life.

When convention and science offer us no answers, might we not finally turn to the fantastic as a plausibility? 

She didn’t want to humor or encourage the idea that there was a ghost running around because it was impossible. Ghosts don’t exist. But in investigating the site, she thought she might find a clue to Alison’s disappearance. It was a real shot in the dark—anything at this point was.

She came to a stop behind Aria, letting her eyes survey the scene. “This is the place? Have you ever come here at night?”


{ ϟ } Hairs standing tall on the length of her arm, Aria turned clumsily on her heels and the breath caught loudly in her throat. ❝Jeez, you scared me.❞ She stumbled out the words, an apologetic smile quickly gracing delicate features. A part of her — A very small part — Had half expected to find Alison standing there in all her undead glory.

But this was real life. Not some poorly edited B-Rated horror movie. Real life always carried more of a bite. ❝Sorry,❞ she managed, tucking a loose strand of hair anxiously behind her ear. Nervous habit. ❝These woods have always given me the creeps, so I’m sorry if I’m a little on edge. And to answer your question— ❞ She paused to zip up her jacket. ❝It’s been a while but Alison and my other friends would come out here in the middle of the night — Close to midnight — Alison thought it was funny to fake practice the dark arts. Needless to say, nothing ever happened.❞

Letting out a broken laugh, grass colored eyes focused on the entrance to the woods. Ye who enter, abandon all hope. 

 ❝It shouldn’t be too hard to navigate but there’s no cell signal. So if we do get lost and worst comes to worst — We’ll have to camp out. Here’s hoping we get lucky and the sky stays clear.❞ 

"I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you." Scully said, removing a flashlight from the pocket of her coat. Turning it on, she swept the beam along the ground, giving an initial survey of the immediate area. Scully ventured forward, but she heard, ‘Dark Arts’, she paused and glanced over her shoulder.

"Like Oujia and things like that? Did you know that the FBI concluded that most accounts of satanic activity are usually false and imagine and that we’ve collected evidence that suggest otherwise?"

She opened her mouth to continue, but thought better of it, and resumed walking. Despite having her coat on, there was a sort of chill in the air, that made her shiver just a bit. Wasn’t this how all the horror movies start?

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I think the problem why I can’t get anything done is because I keep rewatching shows I already finished instead of actually going out and doing things. This is like my 4th rewatch of Twin Peaks and I really should finish Star Trek, or start on Supernatural but yeah.




When he opened the door, she became even more bewildered. This had to be some kind of joke; the owner of the company was only a teen? Try as she might, her face betrayed her emotions: surprised, confusion and maybe even some slight indignation. She was so taken back that she didn’t respond right away to his extended hand.

She recovered quickly, clearing her throat a little, and handing over her badge to him as opposed to her hand. A smooth recovery. “Yes, my name is Special Agent Dana Scully and I’m with the FBI. I’m supposed to be looking into your financial records. I’ll need to look at your ledgers for the last 7 pay schedules, and I also need your head accountant.” She sounded sure, though her body language was tight and defensive. Something wasn’t quite right. She didn’t understand why she had been sent to investigate this particular company.

He was used to that reaction—at least towards people that weren’t from around the New York area. Harry’s face had been plastered in many a magazine, gracing the front cover with silly taglines comparing him to Richie Rich or whatever. 

The young man almost snorted at the thought, but inspected her badge out of general curiosity when she had handed it to him. 

It definitely confused him for just a moment. What was he supposed to do with it? 

Handing it back, he straightened his tie. His whole demeanor screamed control and his face was pristine, just as if he had been primped before her arrival. 

"Of course," he said, beckoning her to sit. "Though you do understand my reluctance to just let you walk around. No mistrust, but I want to run Oscorp in a more…well…perhaps a less formal way, if you catch my meaning? My father doesn’t have time for such events, but I do." 

He really didn’t. 

"Would you care to share just a bit further as to why the FBI is suddenly so interested in Oscorp? We work heavily with the government in certain aspects, so I must say that it’s certainly gotten me off guard. I would be more than happy to assist in any manner possible."

He surely spoke well enough, that was for sure. It was as if he was classical trained in language or something. Strange guy.

Harry reminded her of someone she’d met a couple months back, a kid that had moved to DC and was looking for things to do. Someone who had made her drop her lunch. Chasing the thought away, she took her badge back, not really sure why she had given it to him herself.

"That’s perfectly understandable. I can come back with a subpoena, if you prefer. I have it on good knowledge that New York is very good at making these things happen quickly." Her tone was polite enough, but if her words had visuals to accompany them, hers would have venom dripping from them. Homegirl didn’t play. As for his question—

"I don’t have to slightest idea. It’s probably a random audit. I’m sure you don’t have anything to hide." Her tone was less venomous then, but no less sarcastic. Polite, but no nonsense. She didn’t want to waste his, or her time, trying to figure out why the government did the things they did.

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